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Grandis continues its 100 per cent certification support success rate, this time working with Pristine London to achieve a BuildingConfidence certification. Pristine London is a strip-out specialist company, offering demolition, building works, waste clearance and recycling as part of its services. The firm often works on commercial buildings that are still occupied so its watchwords are ‘safe, careful and quiet.’

Pristine London enlisted the help of Grandis to boost its business credentials with a BuildingConfidence certification, an Achilles prequalification scheme for the building and construction industry. While this sounds like a lot to cover, Tonie describes the relationship as a “meeting of minds.” Pristine London’s experience and safety track record stand it in good stead. Tonie can advise on risk factors knowing that it serves as a refresher course rather than a new set of guidelines to learn, process, understand and implement.

The BuildingConfidence certification began in February and there was a tight timescale to get it ready for April but, thanks to Tonie’s dedication it was achieved. The ongoing audits by Grandis will take place over a three-year period, with four audits a year to check Pristine London’s management systems comply with BuildingConfidence requirements, ISO standards and legal requirements. The audits can involve a range of areas: either assessing procedures, paperwork, site records or visiting the site itself. Tonie uses the audits to check health and safety requirements are being adhered to as well as to identify areas for improvement. Pristine will benefit from the complete care package that Grandis gives all its clients, supporting them through certification and compliance with friendly professionalism.

If your business could benefit from one-to-one support through an certification and compliance process, make contact with Grandis today.