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Tonie Davey reflects on her career and how businesses can get ahead of the competition.

From an early age, I knew I didn’t want to conform to any gender stereotypes and I was determined to forge a career in the industry I was passionate about, regardless of the obstacles. So, aged 17, I began working in the construction industry. It seemed to me to have room for professional growth and I knew that with my skill set, I was perfectly suited to it.

Twenty eight years later and I am still here, albeit in a different guise. I realised early on that there was great scope to support a range of industries to achieve compliance with their statutory obligations. It is imperative that organisations adhere to an infrastructure set up to ensure the safety of all employees. This set of standards undoubtedly benefits the company as a whole.

If I can use a metaphor, from the moment you sit in the front seat of a car to make a journey you know how to start the engine, edge out of your parking spot and head off in the general direction of your destination. However, you may not know the way without referring to your sat nav, let alone the quickest route to get there and how best to avoid traffic or accidents. Added to that, every driver makes different decisions en-route. Do you check your wing mirrors before changing lanes? Do you stop for that caffeine pick-me-up or not? All factors that can change the nature of a journey and the time you will arrive at your destination.

The same can be said for running a business. Metaphorically speaking, do you want your company to get stuck in the slow lane on the motorway? My role as founder of Grandis Consultancy, gives me the opportunity to provide specialist professional support to companies who are struggling to meet the Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management demands being made on their business. Using the earlier metaphor, it means I help people arrive at their destination quickly, efficiently and most importantly, with their seat belts on.

What was lacking when I started my career was the knowledge that adhering to these regulations has a tangible effect on the efficiency of a business. I’m keen to dispel the myth that paperwork leads to a backlog and reduces output.

My career history speaks for itself. My dedication to the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality sector is evident in my work for Railtrack, Kvaerner, Sinclair Knight Mertz , Network Rail and Transport for London. I am also fully qualified with MSc and NEBOSH Diploma and a fully qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. My professional memberships include the Chartered Member of the Chartered Quality Institutes, International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, Occupational Safety and Health.

One of my primary motivations for founding Grandis Consultancy was the satisfaction derived from helping companies to reach a point where the whole organisation believes and understands the benefits of certification, is aware of legal compliance and has a plan for ongoing training and continuous improvement.

It’s always a great moment in a project schedule when the client and I can look back to see how far their business has come with the support of the team at Grandis Consultancy.

I can make that journey stress-free, 100 per cent successful and enjoyable to boot. That’s why I do what I do.